About Tennistically

Tennistically is the best place to talk about tennis equipment. The first website where actual equipment users (players of any level and from around the world) can review tennis rackets, strings, balls and shoes, sharing their experience and thoughts like a professional tester would do, with no bias and offer a real and genuine assessment not influenced by underlying marketing interests.

You are important, your experience on court is even more important and like you, many tennis players around the world can do their review, using a number of objective and insightful parameters, adding detailed commentary and analysis with a view to help other people within the wide tennis community who are searching for the holy grail (a new racket) ora more confortable strings.

Real users with no underlying commercial interest and real players of all levels and background, this is the way! The tennis community in charge!

Because nobody else can do better than you to describe your satisfaction and your real views and feelings about tennis equipment. Tennistically.com aims to create the ultimate “social review”, a bottom up approach driven by everyday real users and will leverage on all the real ratings from everyone kind enough to leave a review to derive combined average ratings for all the listed tennis items (overall ratings and specific analytics ratings).

These will be visible for each listed item right above the technical sheet section and the user commentary reviews can be liked 👍or disliked 👎🏿 by other users. In this way, the most appreciated and qualitative reviews will automatically rank higher and become the first point of reference to offer maximum adding value and discerning information.

And the most amazing thing is that whilst you support other tennis players like yourself, the more you review, the more ncentives and rewards you will receive! Yes, you have read It correctly! Tennistically.com wants you to feel part of the project and once you will achieve five, twenty or fifty reviews you will receive purchase discount codes, coupons and many more exciting surprises.

If you cannot find the the racket or the strings you want to learn about or to review, please get in contact with us and we will create the relevant page promptly for you to review and enjoy.

For any information, troubleshooting or collaboration please contact us on info@tennistically.com.

Tennistically, the best reviews around, because they are your own!