Tecnifibre T-fight 305 RS

tecnifibre t-fight 305 rs

Daniil Medvedev’s choice, the T-FIGHT RS 305 is the most precise and controllable racket in the T-FIGHT range while being very maneuverable. The new T-FIGHT RS range is the “Next Shot” of the tennis racket and its ambassadors on the Tour. Designed to provide the perfect balance and performance on the court. Powerful to make […]

Wilson Burn 100 v4

wilson burn 100 v4

The only Burn frame in the lineup with a traditional 16×19 string pattern for optimal power, the Burn 100 brings the heat for players who prefer to spend most of their time on the baseline. Crafted with High Performance Carbon Fiber within a thicker dual taper beam construction for more explosive power, this frame unleashes […]

Wilson Pro Staff Six.One 95 18×20

wilson pro staff six one 95 18x20

A favorite of advanced and professional players for the past two decades, the Pro Staff Six.One (18×20) carries a one-two punch of sleek design and intimidating performance to the court. Crafted for experienced players who hit the sweet spot with consistency, this frame sports a small head size, heavy static weight and significant head-light balance […]

Wilson Blade Pro 16×19

wilson blade pro 16x19

The most popular Blade frame is now available in a glossy Pro Stock version, the Blade Pro (16×19). Sporting a boxier beam for an excellent mix of stability and feel, this racket features a light stock weight that enables users to easily customize and add weight for more power if desired. Equipped with an open […]

Wilson Blade Pro 18×20

wilson blade pro 18x20

Coated with a smooth glossy finish, the Blade Pro (18×20) features the same frame as the Blade Pro (16×19), but with a tighter string pattern to emphasize extra control over power and spin. Users who would like additional pop can easily access it, thanks to a light stock weight construction that is amenable for customization. […]

Dunlop SX 300 Tour

sx 300 tour

The heaviest racket in the range, the Sx 300 Tour generates a lot of power, combined with more spin. Perfect for advanced players who hit the ball with a long swing. Spin Boost technology allows you to control your spin when you need it, without sacrificing power. Make every shot count.

Babolat Pure Strike Tour

Pure Strike Tour

The heaviest Pure Strike, 98 in2 headsize and thin 21/23/21 section. New sharp control combining exceptional feel and dynamic control. Massive spin thanks to the 16X19 string pattern. Weighted at 320g, ideal for stronger performance players looking for a heavier weight.

Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph Black Edition

Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph Black Edition

Co-designed by Roger Federer, the Pro Staff delivers the pure, classic feel players have come to love but with an all-new uncontaminated design. meticulous in detail and bold in its beauty, the new Pro Staff introduces a whole new dimension of engineered paint finishes and textures with matte black velvet, chrome touches, and laser engraving […]