Donnay Allwood 102″ Hexacore Unibody 2020

Allwood is the most flexible racquet in the range, a racquet with the absolute feeling of a classic racket and the spinning of a modern racket. The 102 inch head size impacts the ball very easily, while the beam boxed can give a good feeling with the ball. The great power, the rotations and the […]

Donnay Formula 100″ Hexacore Unibody 2020

Formula Hexa is Donnay’s profiled racquet. Soft, sensitive and capable of giving full performance to the modern tennis player. Suitable for those looking for rotations and power, but with sensitivity and control. A unique racket that manages to offer classic racket sensations and a good playability. Unibody, unique feelingWe have revolutionised the concept of racket responsivity, […]

Donnay Pro One 97″ Hexacore Unibody 2020

Pro One Hexa is the evolution of the historic Pro One. Designed to give the best to the tennis player, with its flexibility ensures comfort and sensitivity to the maximum, but also spin and control. Pro One Hexa is the top of the range racquet, simply unique for performance. Unibody, unique feelingWe have revolutionised the […]